Aptera Motors will release solar-powered electric car (video)

According to the developer, this electric car can not be charged at all, because for its equipment used solar panels. Elements are integrated into the roof and hood, and in clear weather they provide a reserve of autonomous power exceeding 100 km.

The “Three-wheeler” with 2-seater cabin is made of lightweight composite materials, so its weight is only 816-918 kg, and the aerodynamic resistance coefficient is 0.13.

To equip the Aptera is used either 1-engine or 2-engine power unit with an output of 134 hp or 200 hp, respectively. Depending on the equipment they are paired with a battery of 25 or 100 kW, providing a range of 400 to 1600 km.

Aptera Typ-1 Interior

For an additional charge customers are also offered batteries for 40 and 60 kW, providing a power reserve of 640 and 960 km respectively, three types of body painting (black, white and silver) and the same types of interior decoration. In addition, an optional electronic assistants package is provided.

The starting price of Aptera is 25.9 thousand dollars. The first commercial vehicles will reach dealers in 2021.


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