Aptera Refunding All Deposits – Future Uncertain!

People who are waiting for the New Aptera electric cars since 2008 are in for bad news. The Calif.-based company- Carlsbad is returning all payments and deposits that wee made by customers who wanted to purchase the all-electric car-Aptera 2e or the 2h-hybrid version. The vehicle is expected to get 300 mpg @ reasonable pricing of $30,000, but looks like this dream isn’t going to turn into reality any time sooner.


It was expected to get into production in the year 2009, but it did not happen and till now there are no signs either…

At this time, only news from company is that they’re returning the deposits just because of the problem related to the credit-card process.

What company says?

Contact information of Reservation-holder will be moved to the new database and informed regarding the latest updates of the vehicle, its production details and release dates.

As the production date approaches, the database will direct you to contact the local dealer and book the vehicle in advance, but as of now, there are no advance bookings!


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