Audi E-Tron 2021 and E-Tron Sportback got faster charging

Audi has once again updated its E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback models, adding new features to its electric SUVs.

Audi E-Tron Sportback concept

One of the new features is the introduction of a second on-board charger, which doubles the power from 11 to 22 kW. It is already available as an option for “55” models and will be launched in mid 2021 for “50” and “S” specifications.

Audi’s home garage charging connection system can charge the car up to 22 kW. It is suitable for indoor installation and is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen touchscreen and wall mount. It can be used remotely with the myAudi app. According to the car manufacturer, E-Tron 55 and E-Tron 55 Sportback can be charged in less than 5 hours.

In addition, the charging system offers additional features. For example, the electric car can take into account the needs of the family, charging it with the remaining power. This way you can avoid overloading the system. It can also be configured to charge when the electricity is cheaper, or if the house is equipped with a solar panel system, it can be charged using the electricity generated by it, taking into account the weather forecasts. The PIN code is also designed to protect against unauthorized use.

Another new feature is the updated steering wheel with an accent on the sensor rim for the adaptive cruise assistant. According to Audi, drivers will need to touch it only once a minute to keep the system active. The system uses data collected in real time to keep the car in the center of the lane and helps the driver to accelerate, brake, maintain speed and maintain a distance ahead of the car.

The Audi e-tron prototype on the stage in the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen

The size of wheels was also updated: in addition to standard 20-inch and additional 21-inch sets, the company released new five-spoke 9.5 × 22-inch rims with 265/40 tires.

2021 E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback are already available for order. Deliveries to customers should begin by the end of the year.


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