Home Hybrid Cars Hybrid Car Manufacturers are on the verge of a serious scandal

Hybrid Car Manufacturers are on the verge of a serious scandal

Hybrid Car Manufacturers are on the verge of a serious scandal

The European Climate Group Transport and Environment (T&E) calls on EU authorities to stop paying subsidies and tax breaks for plug-in hybrids. Independent tests show that these types of cars emit more carbon dioxide than the automakers advertise.

The tests were conducted by Emissions Analytics and included three hybrid SUVs: the BMW X5, Volvo XC60 and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The results were not encouraging, despite the optimal conditions.

“Hybrids are fake electric cars designed to be tested in laboratories and get benefits, not for the actual operation of the car. The authorities should complete issuing subsidies for these cars, which are paid out in billions of taxpayers’ money,” said T&E executive director Julia Poliskanova.

The representative of Volvo told Reuters that all cars of the brand are certified and hundred percent compliant with emissions legislation. And the representative of Mitsubishi wrote that independent experiments can show false results, depending on experiment conditions.

T&E’s findings are announced a couple of days after the EU released a set of rules that set stricter emission limits for automakers, including hybrid models that will lose their “electrical” status since 2026.

In the first 3 quarters of this year, sales of plug-in hybrid cars accounted for 50 percent of all EU sales of electric or electrified cars, with many car enthusiasts taking advantage of government subsidies and tax breaks to purchase new cars. But institutions like T&E are still critical of these power units because, unlike electrified systems, PHEV generates CO2 when a standard engine is inevitably triggered.


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