Electric Racing Car Invented by IIT Students

The students of IIT, Mumbai have created their first electric racing car; it has been designed and developed by a group of more than fifty students, from many branches, including electrical, energy science, and mechanical.

They have named the car as Evo1; it was displayed in the presence of Mr. Rangan Banerjee, who is the dean of R & D department. 

It is said to work on 2 electric motors; the technology used in this Evo1 race car is mechanical differential. In this, 2 motors work with each other mechanically and they are planning another new design, where 2 motors can work independently. Probably, that will be their next version.

The technology used will be of electronic differential, offering enhanced grip. It is also said that performance will be improved by minimizing the time taken to wrap each round during the race.

Moreover, the group has already begun the development of the next 2013 edition, which is targeted to be made much better than the current one.


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