Ford increases production volume of F-150 electric pickup truck

Ford F-150 all-electric pickup truck, which is to be produced in the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle center (Dearborn) from 2022 on, has aroused so much interest from potential buyers that the company has revised its production plans. The Americans decided to increase the annual circulation by 50% at once in comparison with the previous project (the value is not announced). At the same time in the future center it was decided to add 200 more jobs to those three hundred that were announced in September.

The battery-powered F-150 will have two electric motors (one at the front and one at the back). The power is not yet disclosed, but the company announced that it will be the most powerful model in the F-150 range. A Ford patent for an additional “range extender” was recently discovered. Ford will not directly transform the electric car itself into a hybrid (the more so the F-150 hybrid is already available), but instead can offer a detachable unit consisting of some small combustion engine, tank and generator (as an accessory). All this is packed together in a toolbox-like box. It can be placed in the load compartment of the pickup truck, near the cab. This generator could be used on long journeys and could be removed when it is not necessary.

On the left is a rendering of an electric car painted by Top Electric SUV’s teaser edition. On the right: a drawing from a patent showing a possible on-board generator.

The market debut of Ford F-150 EV will take place in mid 2022. Its characteristics are still kept secret, the brand only emphasized that the car will be the most powerful and fastest in the family.


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