Four Ideas to Avoid Getting Ripped Off With A Car

Car buying can be a hassle that most of us would willingly avoid. The games that dealerships play, especially with those who have low credit scores are despicable. Some dealerships cheat their customers as evidenced by the Joe Gibson debacle that hit the news a while back. Bait and switch tactics and other illegal tactics were practiced by this dealership. So, in order to help, here are four ideas to avoid getting ripped off with a car by either a dealer or individual.

1Research the Vehicle You Want

Research the Vehicle You Want

Doing your research on the vehicle that you want can keep you from getting ripped off. Here’s the reason why doing your research is a lifesaver. If you know, for example that the price of the car you want didn’t cost the dealership as much as they are charging you, it can make the difference.

Use negotiation skills to get a fair mark up with the automobile that you have your eyes on. Realize that you will not pay what the dealership paid for the car.



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