Renault Zoe became the most popular electric car in Europe (video)

The French automaker sold 84 thousand Zoe electric cars in Europe in the first 11 months of 2020, which is twice as many as in previous year. Renault Zoe is the leader in its segment on the Spanish, French, Portuguese and German markets.

Renault Zoe

Another Renault, Kangoo ZE is one of three electric-powered station wagons sold on the European market, making Renault the leader in electric car sales. The brand managed to sell 8,498 Kangoo ZE electric cars January through November 2020.

The car is driven by an electric motor (92 hp 220 Nm), automatic transmission and a ZE 40 traction battery (41 kWh capacity) by LG. The new battery allows to drive up to 300 km in real driving conditions, while the old one has a lower capacity of only 160 km.


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