Tesla Model S has got increased power reserve

Tesla has launched sales of the Model S version with an increased power reserve.

Tesla Model S

The new version can travel up to 658 kilometers without recharging the battery, which is 1.7% more than the standard Model S and is a kind of record in the U.S. market. The information appeared on the Web, because Tesla for some reason did not publish this data in its online design studio. Experts attribute such modesty to the new ERA-rating, in which the data on overestimated efficiency of Tesla electric cars by some indicators appeared.

For example, Model S Long Range Plus turned out to be about 1% less effective in the combined cycle and 1.6% less effective in the city, and 1% more effective on the track than it was announced. As for the new version’s power reserve increase, the experts explain it by the increased competition. At the heels of Tesla comes Lucid Motors, whose electric car Air received a power reserve of up to 653 kilometers. Thus, the Model S is already 5 kilometers ahead of the Air in terms of range, and reducing the cost of the Model S to 69,420 dollars makes it 480 dollars cheaper than the basic Air.


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