The Diesel Electric Autos

The diesel electric cars have engines which are powered by an electric motor and a diesel engine. Trains have been running on this technology for decades.

Diesel hybrids have become popular because of its zero emission nature and high fuel economy. With a right design of diesel hybrid engine, the performance can be boosted to around 100 mpg.

Technology and types of diesel electric hybrid

The diesel engine in the hybrid offers the power to the electric motor and in some cases pump the power directly to the vehicle. The diesel electric hybrid generates all the power it needs at once and doesn’t require recharging.

The electric motor receives power from an alternator, which is coupled with batteries or capacitors. There are two types of diesel electric hybrids; series and parallel.

In a series hybrid, the diesel engine is not connected directly to the transmission, while in parallel hybrid, both diesel and electric motors are directly connected to the transmission.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Diesel electric hybrids offer many advantages like improved gas economy, emission reduction and improved vehicle performance. There are some drawbacks as well. The cost of producing diesel electric hybrid engine is higher than any other kind of engine. The other major obstacle is the poor and dirty quality of diesel available in US.

Some of the latest diesel electric cars, which are expected to hit the market in the year of 2011, are 2011 Smart ForTwo Lorinser Easybrid, 2011 Renault Electric Fluence, 2011 Tata Indica Vista EV, Land Rover_E and Smart ForTwo Electric.


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